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Apple and the Options Backdating Scandal of the past Decade

The Bank of America and Merrill Lynch Merger: Ken Lewis' Moral Dilemma

Private Forums and Business - Intrusion upon Seclusion

TARP - Ethical Considerations

1776 by David McCullough -- Surprise attacks, unfortunate weather, defensive failures, offensive maneuvers, power and plenty, poverty and inadequacies--all are part of 1776. David McCullough takes us through the year that America declared its independence and the war began.

A Walmart Experience -- It seems that the media and so-called "watchdog groups" like to pick on WalMart. I have loved Wal-mart since when I attended college and my experience there last night reaffirmed to me how great a store it is.

Philanthropy - Gates and Buffet -- For all the guff that billionaires Bill Gates and Warren Buffet get, I thought their recent decisions were quite remarkable and speak for the good in these two men.

Sweatshops and Child Labor -- Sweatshops and child labor are often cited when groups call for boycotts of businesses and trade sanctions against third world nations. Protesters assemble and debates regarding labor standards frequently emerge in news headlines. Although sweatshops and child labor are undesirable, they are a necessary step in each nation's development towards human rights and a developed economy and there are methods superior to boycotts to help other nations develop decent labor laws...

Costly Education -- What is the American dream? It is the idea held by many in the United States that through hard work, courage, and determination one can achieve prosperity. This ideal has spread from American soil to nearly every country on the planet. Everyone wants a chance at a better life. Contrary to winning the lottery or some other chance happening to success, the majority of Americans go about seeking the American Dream through the pursuit of a college education. Unfortunately this dream is being challenged as “[t]he average yearly cost to attend a four-year institution is 71% of the annual income of a family in the bottom economic fifth of Americans” (Costs 2). The gap between a college graduate’s salary and one who does not pursue a higher education continues to widen. As universities across the United States continue to raise tuition costs, those who cannot afford education give up their dream, which results in a greater socio-economic divide between the rich and poor...

Socialism vs. Capitalism -- Over the past few decades Western European countries have have passed laws and taken other steps towards socialism (or Marxism). This, combined with globalization, has lead to increased pressure on the United States to become more socialistic. Although the ideas of socialism seem appealing, it a fundamentally flawed system and it begins a slippery slope that falls into communism.

Poverty and International Cooperation -- Many countries in today's international arena are impoverished, creating a common problem not only for these countries, but for all nations around the globe. Bolstering these less developed economies and establishing competent governments provides benefits for everyone--in trade, health, and peace; as a result, nations are currently cooperating to help these struggling countries escape from their destitute conditions...

Violence in Africa -- Africa has been riddled with violence over the past few decades due to numerous causes. In his book, The Graves Are Not Yet Full, Bill Berkeley examines how corrupt government, foreign influence, racism, and various other factors have contributed to violence, genocide, civil war, and a variety of injustices that have taken place in Africa...

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TARP - Ethical Considerations
A Walmart Experience
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